The venue for the Symposium is the city of Buenos Aires, Capital of Argentina, in South America. Argentina is a country with a long tradition in Science and Astronomy. The first astronomical observatory in Argentina was built in 1870 and its first director was Benjamin Gould, the discoverer of the Gould Belt and the founder of the Astronomical Journal. Argentina has a strong university system that has produced 3 Nobel Prizes in science. The two larger universities are the University of Buenos Aires (more than 300.000 students) and the University of La Plata (around 90.000 students), located just at 60km from Buenos Aires.


Argentina is one of the main countries in South America. Located at the extreme south of the continent, and with an area of more than three million square kilometers, it offers the tourist a variety of natural attractions, with different climates and landscapes. We encourage you to visit the site of the Secretariat of Tourism of the Argentinean Government. There you will find information on the different programs that Argentina offers to the visitor. Do not forget to look for information on Patagonia, the Iguazú Falls, the Ischigualasto Valley and the Northwest Provinces.

Buenos Aires

With over three million people, Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina, and one of the main cities in South America. It is a modern city, that offers many activities to the tourist. Check the Official Tourism Site of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires for the most up to date information on the city and its attractions. You will also find there useful information on Argentinean currency, climate, language, customs and safety.

The Symposium

The meeting will take place in the Novotel Buenos Aires (First Floor), in the very centre of Buenos Aires City. The hotel address is

Av. Corrientes 1334
C1043ABN Buenos Aires, Argentina
Tel: (+54-11) 4370-9500, Fax: (+54-11) 4370-9599